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Keep it about the students.

Keep it about the teachers.

Keep it about the community.

Keep Holmes. 

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Keep It About The Students.

Our students are the #1 priority and the investment in their future is paramount to Humble ISD.   I will continue to vote and allocate resources (money) that provide the greatest experience for our students.  Whether our students want to pursue a degree or a marketable skill, or both, this district is continuing to fulfill the desires of our students, their parents and the community. 

From the CTE (Career & Technical Education) Flywheel to our CCMR (College Career Military Readiness) programs we are continuing to build out the framework to give our students the best chance at competing in a global economy.  


Keep It About The Teachers.

Our great teachers and administration here in Humble ISD are the fabric of why we are a destination school district and the 6th fastest growing school district in Texas!  I will continue to fight for the best pay, and where stipends can be applied, I will fully support this.  When it comes to benefits, I will be your strongest advocate in having access to the finest options out there. 

Continued advocacy in retaining and attracting the best teachers is our goal, providing an environment where this can take place will always be what I champion.



Keep It About The Community.

Our parents and taxpayers want to make sure their tax dollars are being utilized and managed in the best manner to support this growing school district.  I will continue to govern for a high bar of accountability from our Superintendent, who in turn will hold the administration to the highest standards of responsibility to our students and the community.  

Feedback from the community centers around 3 common themes I want to continue to push for:  Our parents want to be heard, better transparency in district operations and alerting the community in even more ways to the great things going on in the district.   

Lastly, but most important, the safety and security of our students, teachers and staff will always be in the forefront of my mind.  My voting pattern has shown that I will continue to support the investment in the hardening of our schools.  I fully supported the increase in salary for our law enforcement team to keep us competitive with other districts and retain and attract the best law enforcement officers.  


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